Welcome to a night of freaks and shrieks. A night of terrifying tales under a full moon’s light. Tales of horror, fear and hate shared by the spirits of our very own depot. Our ghouls and ghost have lived a life of strife and horror, and how they each met their end will chill you to the bone.

Haunted Lantern Tours is a Halloween event in which the volunteers and staff dress up to tell scary stories to the guest on a guided tour. The yearly event is sponsored by Trent Bedding and all proceeds from tickets go to support the Historic RailPark & Train Museum.

Haunted Lantern Tours Invites You to Hear Some Especially Grim Fairy Tales

Haunted Lantern Tours returns for its 5th season this year! Hear familiar fairy tales with terrifying twists aboard this year’s Fairy Tale Horrors tour. Figures such as the Big Bad Wolf, Rumplestiltskin, Mother Gothel, and more come to life.

The event will run select nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM October 20th-30th.

Haunted Lantern Tours is sponsored this year by  Trent Bedding, Bowling Green Area Lodging Association, WNKY, Sky Pediatric Dentistry, Compton Orthodontics, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, and J.R. Wade State Farm Agent.

Haunted Lantern Tours Welcomes You to the Circus of Tragedies

Our train of terror returns for its 4th continuing season this October. Come and listen as spirits of the past recount tales that will fright and excite audiences of all ages. The tragedies of each spirit come from the days of circus train travel and the troubles of these tortured souls.

The event will run select nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM October 18th – 27th.

Haunted Lantern Tours is sponsored by Trent Bedding and WGGC 95.1 Goober

Call 270-745-7317 for ticket prices and information.

Ghostly Railroad Workers Haunt the Depot in Haunted Lantern Tours Season 3 - 2017

During our third year, haunted rail yard workers told spine chilling tales of their lives. They haunted the halls of our depot and the seats of our rail cars, allowing visitors to explore and learn a little history with their spooky tales. As visitors explored, ghostly spirits shared their stories for a frightful night of family fun.

Haunted Hobos Arrive to Spin a Tale in Haunted Lantern Tours Season 2 - 2016

Ghostly hobos haunted the depot and spectral ghouls lingered in our trains during the second year of Haunted Lantern Tours. The storytellers shared tales of working on the rails and traveling the country.

During Family Fun Night this year, White Squirrel Brewery was on tap. Visitors 21 and up received samples of a different beer in every car.

The Air Echos with Stories of the Night in Haunted Lantern Tours Season 1 - 2015

During our first year, conductors and ghouls recounted the tales of the L&N railway. From spooky specters to heart stopping stories, visitors of our Haunted Lantern Tours explored the rail cars and enjoyed free cider and hot chocolate before and after the show.


Haunted Lantern Tour auditions for this season have ended.

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