Bowling Green's History Walking Tour


UnSeen Bowling Green’s History Walking Tours guide you on an adventure you never knew existed in Bowling Green. The tour will disclose histories, mysteries, scandals, and haunts from our town’s past.

The Fall Tour Schedule for UnSeen Bowling Green’s Walking Tour will offer 3 tours this year.

Back Stories & Back Streets: This tour will run as the regular season tour but with a twist!   This tour will immerse you in untold stories of the origins of Bowling Green, headed by THE Professor Noseworthy… as long as he stays on his BEST behavior. He has been reprimanded by the History department several times for diving into the supernatural… but this year he has promised to stay true to Bowling Green’s beginnings with interesting, never-before-heard stories! The tour will meet : TBD. Check-in for the tour begins at 6:00-6:30 pm, with the tour beginning at 6:30 pm.

The Murder Mansion Tour is back this year! It will disclose the dark and mysterious history rooted around the infamous Murder Mansion killings. We have teamed up with Bowling Green Daily News Managing Editor and Local Author, Wes Swietek for a peek into his book “The Cemetery Road Murders.” The tour will meet at the pavilion in Kereiakes Park, next to Fairview Cemetery (1220 Fairview Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42103). Guests are welcome to park in the parking lot near the basketball courts. Check-in for the tour begins at 6:00-6:30 pm, with the tour beginning at 6:30 pm.

Pauline Tabor’s XXX (21+) returns this year and offers something a little more fun for adults 21 and over only. You’ll hear the tales of the world-famous madam, Pauline Tabor, which will bring a blush to your cheeks as you stroll through downtown Bowling Green and visit a few local bars.  The tour will meet at: TBD.  Check-in for the tour begins 6:30 pm- 7:00 pm, with the tour beginning at 7:00 pm. Beverages will be included at 2 stops on the tour with an option for self-pay at 1 stop.

Apart from Pauline Tabor’s XXX (21+) tour, Unseen BG considers our tours family-friendly. It is at the discretion of parents whether the tour is appropriate for their children. Tour topics might include ghost stories, the effects of the Civil War, deaths, and lynching. Each tour walks in intervals, covering a little over a mile total in length. Guests may encounter uneven terrain walking the streets of Bowling Green or through Kereiakes Park. There is one staircase ascended on the Back Stories & Back Streets tour.

Please follow the ticketing link for further information on available dates for each individual tour as well as pricing!


UnSeen BG tours 2023 fall season will run from September 1st – October 31st.  Tours will be available on select Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

Ticket prices for the tours are as follows: Back Stories & Back Streets –$24, Murder Mansion Tour- $28, and Pauline Tabor XXX Tour– $45

Guests will also have the option to pre-purchase copies of books featured in the stories for this year’s tour set. The Cemetery Road Murders by Wes Swietek -$26.95, Pauline’s by Pauline Tabor- $44.95

Tickets will be available for purchase on September 1, 2023.  Tour tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Historic RailPark & Train Museum