A Students View  – Travel Critique of the RailPark by Haley Wigginton

A Students View: Travel Critique of the RailPark

By Haley Wigginton Part 1 of 2

 Welcome back to another edition of our “A Student’s View” series! This week, we’re sharing Haley Wigginton’s firsthand experience and critique of the RailPark. Haley, a student at Western Kentucky University, embarked on this journey as part of a class assignment, and her insights are sure to pique your interest.

Here’s what she had to say about visiting with us:

The L&N Depot was returned to its former glory in 2002 by a volunteer group now called Friends of L&N Depot and is now today one of Bowling Green’s top tourist attractions. The primary focus of the RailPark is to preserve the history of the railway and convey what life was like during the time when this was the most popular means of transportation. This historic site includes a 5-train car tour filled with historic artifacts. Inside the Depot there is a self-guided museum complete with a theatre!

The Historic RailPark & Train Museum has a wide appeal to a variety of audiences.

Train enthusiasts and history lovers of any age: There are interactive and educational aspects of the train car tours that are suitable for both children and adults with an interest in the railway and how it was operated. The same goes for those who are there for history, there are artifacts, stories, and much more inside the museum that not only pertain to railway history but that time period as well.

Those looking for a formal and timeless but interactive event space will find that the L&N Depot includes multiple large event areas that offer a historic timeless feel while still being functional for events such as weddings, banquets, meetings, and more. Both formal and informal spaces are available and at a reasonable price as well.

Those looking for a more relaxed and educational attraction will find the place is very laid back and a calmer experience than what you might have at a place like Beech Bend, but for the person wanting that type of relaxation this place is perfect. It is both interesting and informative while also being easily accessible and having smaller more accommodable crowds.

While in the area, consider visiting other attractions.

The Kentucky Museum and Shakers Village offers a different perspective on the History of Kentucky and has the same feel and level of authenticity as the RailPark

Attractions such as Beech Bend and Lost River Cave have so much to do and can offer a more physical experience to entertain younger kids.

The National Corvette Museum offers both tours and event space much like the Rail Park does. You’d remiss to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky with stopping in to experience the history of “America’s Sports Car.”

The Historic RailPark & Train Museum is a multipurpose space that honors and displays the history of the railways while also being able to be used for rental space. The RailPark is used for weddings, banquets, meetings, conferences and more. This versatility allows for more people to use this space. With the Rail Park also offering rental spaces for a vast number of events.

The guided tours are offered on a limited schedule and customers are encouraged to book in advance. Their current hours are Sunday through Saturday 10am-4pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance at HistoricRailPark.com

Stay tuned for part two of Haley’s exploration, where she delves deeper into the cultural and educational significance of the RailPark. Until then, all aboard for an unforgettable journey through history!