I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Everyone has their personal favorite when it comes to Christmas songs, but ever since 1943, Americans have held a special place in their heart for Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Upon release, the song immediately became a holiday favorite, surpassing the long-cherished “White Christmas.” The song still remains a classic Christmas song but symbolizes more than the Christmas holiday.

At the time of the song’s release, many American families had members deployed overseas for World War II. Nearly 10,000,000 Americans were serving their country during the worldwide conflict that had been extremely close to home just two years prior when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Families felt peril with their loved ones fighting in the worst war in history, hoping and praying for them to return home safely.

At Christmas time, nearly a quarter of a million soldiers embarked on their journey to come home to their families to celebrate the holiday… which was why the song hit so close to home for Americans. At this time, train travel was the most effective method of continental transportation when soldiers would reach American soil. Families would play “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” after receiving word from their loved ones that they would be home for Christmas.

That being said, we hope everyone has made it home safely for Christmas and we express our thanks to those who are serving their country this Christmas. The RailPark wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!