Off The Rails…And Now We Have Blog

Railpark LN Depot
Off The Rails…And Now We Have a Blog

For some time, we have wanted to start a blog. But when to start, what to write about, and how to be consistent? All considered roadblocks for a very small museum staff. While we have many fantastic volunteers, they’re all busy giving tours, helping with events, and working on railcar restoration. So how can we possibly make time for a blog?

Simple, we all work together! We have pulled together a variety of friends and supporters of the Historic RailPark and asked them to help us create content for our blog. That creates yet another obstacle, how do we create one voice, cohesiveness and keep readers coming back?

Again, simple, we don’t. We go OFF THE RAILS! Literally, Off the Rails is a weekly blog that will be a wild and crazy ride. We’ll share everything with you. You can expect to read about our events and fundraisers, tours, museum offerings, highlighted archive pieces, and event guest bloggers that will share stories about trains. We’ll also share pictures and videos. What you will not get is another boring blog talking about the same ole thing every week. You’ll get a glimpse into the minds of our staff, volunteers, donors, supporters, friends, and guests.

Come check us out every Tuesday for a new and fresh blog and join us as we go Off the Rails for a good time!

Written by Jamie Johnson, Executive Director