The RailPark’s Christmas Shopping Guide

As we near the Christmas season, many of us find ourselves scratching our heads trying to come up with the perfect gift for our friends and family. For those who struggle with coming up with the best gifts- fret not! We have curated a list of the perfect gifts for TEN different types of people, all available at the Historic RailPark & Train Museum Gift Shop!

  1. Bourbon Buffs”: Being in Kentucky, we take our Bourbon pretty seriously… but not as seriously as your friend, parent, or loved one who LIVES for Bourbon. They have visited all the best distilleries, roamed the bourbon trail, and even racked themselves up a pretty impressive collection of rare bottles. Here at the RailPark: we have a GREAT selection of bourbon accessories, spanning from glasses to even bourbon rubs for grilling. Put together a basket of bourbon gear for your buddy that eats, sleeps, breathes BOURBON!
  2. “Girl Bosses”: 2023 has been the year of the Girl Boss… with the Barbie movie making box office history in sales and many other feats. If you are shopping for a girl boss of your own, what better way to honor her than with the ORIGINAL girl boss: Rosie the Riveter! The RailPark has a great booth set up of great Rosie memorabilia that speaks to girl bosses everywhere!
  3. Train Master in Training”: one thing about kids… they LOVE trains! Whether it is a toy train or their favorite cartoon character, you can never go wrong with getting a kid their first train… and what’s even better? Getting that train FROM a train museum!
  4. The Book Worm”: everyone has that one friend who would rather be spending their time reading a book, which seems like an easy gift until you decide what book to actually give them. How do you know if they haven’t read it already? What if it isn’t a genre they like? Books no one can pass up though are the ones detailing the stories for home, and at the RailPark we have a great selection of books of some of the best (and worst) stories from Bowling Green!
  5. “Animal Lovers”: who doesn’t love animals… especially the ones that require no work? You can give any dog lover their very own Owney- the infamous postal pooch that traveled the world! Owney and his story are some of the most popular things at the RailPark!
  6. “Broadway Girls”: We may be an hour away from Nashville’s Broadway antics… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Broadway Girls in BG! And who does every Broadway Girl LOVE? Well, Dolly Parton of course! Make sure to get your Broadway Girl all of the Dolly merch from our gift shop!
  7. “Candle-Obsessed”: everyone has their one friend they always lose in the candle aisle at the store. Most candle buffs won’t want a mainstream candle brand… which makes them a little difficult to shop for. Luckily, the RailPark has an assortment of locally made candles… even one named “RailPark!”
  8. “The History Guru”: for those who have history lovers in their circle, the RailPark is ridden with the rich history of transportation, the Civil War, and more. In our gift shop, there is an authentic Civil War train diorama and model that is super rare!
  9. “Kentucky Made”: those from the commonwealth (for the most part) take great pride in their Goldenrod state heritage. The RailPark offers great Kentucky memorabilia spanning from decor, jewelry, glassware, and more!
  10. “Santa’s Local Elf”: last we have the big-time, house that has been decorated since November 1st, Christmas Lover. The RailPark has a great selection of Polar Express merchandise, an ode to one of the most timeless Christmas tales. And if you are gifting a TRUE Christmas Lover… they will tell you it’s never too late to get new Christmas decorations!