See the UnSeen!


See the UnSeen

The 2023 UnSeen season has commenced! For those who haven’t seen UnSeen, UnSeen is a seasonal set of walking, evening tours that share the history of Bowling Green and some of the infamous individuals who left their mark on Western Kentucky. UnSeen occurs annually throughout September and October evenings in Downtown Bowling Green and Fairview Cemetery. This year’s UnSeen tours are sponsored by the wonderful Dr. John and Sheryl Downing- thank you for the support!

This year we have three tours running: the Murder Mansion Tour, Pauline Tabor’s XXX Tour, and the Backstories & Backstreets Tour.

The Murder Mansion Tour is led by a guide playing the daughter-in-law of the slain Dr. Charles and Martha Martin. While strolling through Fairview Cemetery, guests hear the stories and theories of the Cemetery Road murders and those involved. As the mystery unfolds, the tour heads to the site of the first notorious murders… the “Murder Mansion” itself, where the bodies of Dr. Charles and Martha were discovered. While a confession quickly came from the ex-lover of the couple’s daughter-in-law, there were many bizarre events that led to speculation of Ruth Ann’s involvement.

The Pauline Tabor’s XXX Tour is a pub-crawl style tour rehashing the dirty details of the infamous Madam. This tour is rated R for “raunchy,” as Pauline partook in some serious tomfoolery in her day. Starting off at Garcia’s, our guide raises a toast of “Pauline’s Punch” to the shenanigans that occurred right here in Bowling Green. She moves onto some other notable locations before ending the evening at Gerard’s, where everyone indulges in an “oatmeal cookie shot” for reasons that are best left in Pauline’s memoir…

The Backstories & Backstreets Tour made its debut this UnSeen 2023 season. Professor Noseworthy returned… despite hesitation from WKU’s history department. In Past years, Professor Noseworthy was known to stick his nose in some supernatural theories when giving his tours. This year he promised to stay true to the origin stories of Downtown Bowling Green… too bad he doesn’t have anyone other than his guests to supervise!

We love to see ENTHUSIASM for UnSeen! Almost all of the tours have been booked to capacity. Sharing these stories would not be possible without the help of our guides Debbie Eaton, Ashlea Shepherd, and Jeff Moore… thank you all for the time and effort you put into your characters and the evenings you spend sharing the stories. UnSeen is always a wonderful sight to see, especially when the community gets so excited to hear the stories!