Thanksgiving- The Duncan Hines Way!

Happy Thanksgiving Folks! One thing we are thankful for this coming Turkey Day is Duncan Hines’ Bowling Green Heritage. Thanksgiving is all about coming together and showing gratitude to the things in your life over a great meal… and what better way to show thanks to your family and hometown than to prepare some classic Duncan Hines dishes! Duncan Hines is infamous for baking products, with being the majority of name-brand baking mix stock in stores. Duncan Hines, however, cultivated a collection of classic recipes for all meals he came across while traveling in America. He developed a name for himself as a food critic and guidebook author, which is where the contents of the “Adventures in Good Cooking” recipe book authored by Duncan Hines originated from. We will be looking at three recipes to prepare from this book to pay homage to Duncan Hines’ Bowling Green legacy this Thanksgiving.

  1. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce has become a staple component of the Thanksgiving meal, providing a bright element to pair with the heavy titans of the meal. According to the Smithsonian, cranberries didn’t appear on the Thanksgiving plate until 50 years after the inaugural American holiday. For our Duncan Hines recipe, the Cranberry Sauce originates from right here in Bowling Green! It is extremely simple to make, only calling for water, sugar, and cranberries!

  1. Turkey Filling

In Duncan Hines’ recipe book, the “fowl” section consists primarily of chicken delicacies with a limited section of turkey dishes. While there is not a step-by-step recipe for roasting the Thanksgiving turkey, there are two recipes for the turkey’s filling. This turkey filling recipe follows the southern spirit and can elevate your holiday bird:

  1. Pumpkin Pie

We’ve covered the cranberry and the turkey… what’s left? The PUMPKIN PIE of course! Duncan Hines is known for his baked goods, so the pumpkin pie MUST be the perfect ending to a day of good eating. This recipe produces TWO nine-inch pies, so this recipe is perfect for cooking for a big, happy family!

We hope every family has a happy Thanksgiving and enjoys all courses of their meals! If you prepare any of these dishes, please tag us on social media so we can see your Thanksgiving tribute to Duncan Hines! For those who want to know more about Duncan Hines, feel free to visit the Duncan Hines Dining Railcar here at the Historic RailPark & Train Museum. We also participate in Bowling Green’s annual “Duncan Hines Days” festival, so stay tuned to hear all about the fun Duncan Hines activities we have planned for June 2024!

Stay Tuned!

We are looking forward to getting involved in Duncan Hines Days 2024! Make sure to keep a look out for the fun activities the RailPark has planned!

Come see the Duncan Hines Diner car at the Historic RailPark and Train Museum! The Duncan Hines Diner car is one of five vintage L&N railcars available for a guided tour at the RailPark. The Duncan Hines Diner car is also available for private rentals, allowing parties to enjoy the most unique dining venue in Bowling Green!